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Do you speak German?

Language opens doors, language connects -Do you speak German?


German is spoken by more than 120 million people not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, in parts of Belgium, northern Italy and eastern France.

We support you, as a specialist in individual tutoring with our expertise and many years of experience, in expressing yourself confidently in German, communicating and expanding your language skills - whether in everyday life, at work or in training and studies.

  • For medical practitioners

    In order to practise as a doctor in Germany you must pass the technical language test of the medical associations of the federal states in which you wish to work. We advise you on all linguistic questions regarding the application and the documents to be submitted. We prepare you in advance for the exam: You first develop the technical vocabulary and then practise sample exam format questions. Language skills at level B2 / C1 are required for registration.

  • For lawyers

    We offer tutoring aimed at foreign law students, lawyers/legal practitioners working in Germany who are not native speakers, or those interested in the German legal system. In our individual language tutoring you will work on content-related and linguistic questions and tasks that relate directly to your work or study requirements. Language skills at level C1 are required for registration.

  • Business German

    Business/professional German consists of the vocabulary, the idiomatic expressions and the linguistic structures that are necessary, among other things, to express economic facts, to communicate about professional and business matters, to negotiate, to write business letters and documents in the German language, and to make phone calls with German-speaking customers, business partners and colleagues.

    We focus on the written and oral requirements of your workplace: current duties or preparation for upcoming professional tasks, such as content-related and grammatical questions in business correspondence, conversation involving the use of specialised or technical language, writing reports and minutes, preparing for job interviews and presentations, and individual pronunciation training to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Job-application training

    You are looking for employment with a German company? We work with you to prepare the necessary documents, such as your CV and cover letter, prepare you for job interviews, and work on your pronunciation.

  • Pronunciation training / phonetics

    Good pronunciation is vital to being understood in work situations and day to day life, to avoid misunderstandings, and to be more confident in dealing with native speakers. Often correct pronunciation is glossed over in group lessons, one-to-one tuition offers a perfect opportunity to fix bad habits and to work on correct pronunciation.

  • German for diplomats

    If you work as a diplomat or employee of a foreign mission in Berlin, an individual German course is particularly suitable for you. You plan your lessons individually with your teacher and work with him or her to tailor your learning program to your specific work requirements. We understand the way your schedule can change at short notice and can easily accommodate last minute changes leaving you free to focus on learning what is important for you. In one-to-one lessons, you can work on all topics relevant to you: expanding and consolidating your vocabulary, working on grammatical structures and improving your pronunciation in connection with topics such as: the German political, social and economic system, German history, culture and regional studies, current political and economic issues, press and media in Germany, the European Union and much more.

  • German for study and science

    To study in Germany you generally need knowledge of German at the C2 or C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). You can provide proof of language proficiency through the TestDaF, which takes place every two months nationwide, the telc German exam (C1 / C2) and the German language exam for university entrance (DSH) held at German universities twice a year. We offer you individual exam training for all 4 exam modules: reading comprehension (LV), listening comprehension (HV), written expression (SA), verbal expression (MA) or for individual modules and thus also preparation for the special language requirements of a course at a German university.

    We also support you during your studies with an introduction to the German language of science, corrections to your semester and final theses or scientific publications in German.

  • German for pupils and trainees

    German is an important prerequisite for training in Germany, because German is the language of instruction in public schools, vocational schools and technical schools. All final exams are also held in German. With individual language training, we help foreign pupils or trainees to expand their vocabulary in a targeted manner, improve their oral and written language skills and also prepare them for oral and written exams at school or training. Language skills at the A2 / B1 level are required for registration.

  • Mini groups (2-4 participants)

    We also offer lessons for mini groups if you register together with colleagues/friends who have the same language level and the same requirements, e.g. to prepare for an exam or to reach a higher language level. If you do not know your language level, we would be happy to test you in advance.

  • Exam preparation
  • Performance skills

    Present yourself successfully in public
    The offer is aimed at diplomats and foreign executives:
    You already have German language skills at C1 level - and would like to present yourself convincingly in public speeches, discussions and negotiations.
    You will learn to train the quality of your voice and adapt it to the needs of different speaking situations.
    Vocal, speaking and breathing exercises help you to harmonize the interplay of voice and body language and to use it positively for an effective and convincing presentation.
    In addition, we are also happy to prepare you for the correct linguistic implementation of your speeches/presentations.
    Alternatively, you can also book this offer as a compact workshop: One day of 5 hours or two days of 3 hours

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